Watch out for Freezer Burn

Sealed for freshness?
Sealed and delivered?

Saw this movie preview poster and it caught my attention.  Is this an advertisement for a cloning service?  “A newer you” was the tagline so it must mean some form of personal upgrading to one’s standard issue body.  The thoughts wander on the premise of this one.  It’s amazing what a single visual can do for the imagination.

Stolen ID

Tat Guy, the Diver Say

By Rich Pascual

This project was originally submitted to a WordPress Challenge posted by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.  These are my photos and accompanying story in response to the prompt:  Something Broken.

For this challenge, capture something broken:  an old window, a vintage sign, a toy never fixed, a contemplative friend.  Or go deeper:  find beauty in something broken. 

“Ok, who was it?”  The line up to the wall faced about to them.

“So they can’t see us?”  The detective slipped into the room with his notes.

“Alright.  Set them loose.  He’s not here.  Okay detective, what do you have for me that is so important to interrupt this.”  The lineup buzzes to release the lock.  “Under pressure?  Where are you going next then?”

“I have a recording from the operator.  He says that, um.  He say there’s a guide you can find which carries details on your mark. I don’t think he’s among these.”

“Whaddya want him for?”

“He might have some clue on a case we’re trying to break.”  Shrugs.  “Gimme that.”

This song is a pairing to the article.  Enjoy as it is read to you.
Dave Matthews Cover, Busted Stuff

“I haven’t reached some of the details in depth.”  He shows a postcard for a 1930’s film.

“Who’s Mimi ‘n Guy?” Silence. He checked on watch listlessly as he tried to read our expressions.  Staring blankly back, they waited while Gil walked in gingerly with two mugs in hand.

“Coffee, boys?  I was with Guy.  She’s got a rally aback with labouring and their name’s all in the delivery.”

The crowds mill about as they wait to board the bus bound for Chicago.  The health of their morale flagged with the sheets of ice and cold that greeted them.

Boarding the bus?  Why would the weather greet them?  Is that an arrival or a departure?

“Let’s get him to the emergency room!”  Lights flew past overhead as the gurney made way for the ER.

The Emergency Room (ER) is usually beside the hospital back entrance.  Not much of a ride from the curbside to the work area.  A hallway scene would be odd.

I suspected there was ambiguity with the charges as I nursed the back of my head.  It must have been a fall, or… my vision blurred and the empty subway platform revealed no evidences to what happened.  My bag was gone and a teenager hurried towards me along the ice.  A quick check to my lanyard revealed my id card was missing.  My outstretched hand blurred in front of me as I fall backward.

Broken In?
Dr. Mark Greene, Doctored Hospital Staff ID Card

The television series ER (Emergency Room) aired shortly after I graduated from college.  At the time, I noticed a steady stream of Medical Doctors resurfacing in different areas outside of the hospital realm.  Dr. Crichton, ER’s creator was not the only one out there discovering that a medical education could actually be useful outside of the pressure cooker.  The first release of the show was a live taping (dated by terms), which was impressive.  Navigation around the set needs fluid coordination and also attention to script and set direction which keeps crews and actors from falling over one another.

Dr. Greene and Dr. Benton were among the first of the players on the ER stage.  I first made a double take when I spotted Dr. Greene on screen.  Where did I last see that guy?  I once sarcastically referred to ER doctors as egoistic “fighter jockeys”.  Hm.  Wither me biases have got me discov’rd or for certain I am now cooked.  Anon to ‘morrow an again I have not seen a more humble and believable character in Greene.  Well played, sir.  Countered to Greene was the stoic Benton.  With little tolerance for mistakes among his staff, I worried about working beside one so serous, and also one who seemed to always be on the mark with his skills in the ER or OR.

This all is a misunderstanding.  I can EXPLAIN.

Of course.  Nobody cares.  Now step away.

“We seem to be missing an id card here.  Who’s working tonight’s shift?”

“It’s Greene but he hasn’t checked in yet.”

“We have a call, Doctor Greene is at the station.  Some kid just phoned in to let us know they’re on their way.  Should we send someone after them?”


“Surly, you know who sent the kid?  I think I have my answers.  Please, accept my card… on my a card, to coin a phrase.”

Does this make sense?
The card from Marshall

“I’m sorry sir.  I tried to go after them.  They have your stuff.  Anything broken?”

“Just a sec.  Just, just a little dizzy.  Can you wait.”

<< echoes >> “Mister? Mister?  Please, get up!”

He (Greene) was was only one of the many story lines within the series whose personal life collided with his profession to great cost.  Greene was among the ER staff, married and with children; the outcome of their marriage suffered at great strain to the demands of his work.

It seems like many end up spending their lives at their work.  Look at the other things you can do too.  When you finally break out of our hallways and work emergencies, shout for all of us to commemorate your freedom.  You are at work.  You are not your work.  Enjoy your work today!  Break out? (Yes/Not Yet)

“We’ll get this together another time.  Is this a good start?”

“Where’s Inggay is this her day off?”

“I’d be lion if I said so.  I wonder how she is.  Is Fe al’right?”

Fe is in labor and delivery this evening.  Shout?  BUELLER!

“Something is broken with this system.  I can’t get my calendar up now…  Did you say it’s her day off, or is it a vacation?”

“Hey, anyone?  Where is everyone?  Hello?”

By Rich Pascual

Perfect Tales Out of Gotham City

I’ve been a fan of Batman and his adventures in Gotham City for a while now.  Even the newer films with Christian Bale reveals other stories that add depth… and even more mystery to this popular comic book character.  What I have to figure out is how to make one of those bat-utility belts.  Such delightful toys and gadgets keeps me wondering what the Batman has prepared for his next dangerous situation!

Honorable mentions to the Catwoman, whom I only learned of through the DC comics mini0series on her origins as Selina Kyle.  Of all the Batman movies I’ve seen, I am not sure which actress has handled the role the best, but I will put in a vote for Anne Hathaway:

Anne Hathaway in a scene from The Dark Night series:

Until next time… same bat0time…

Urban Spaces and the Lives in Between