el Batman

Perfect Tales Out of Gotham City

I’ve been a fan of Batman and his adventures in Gotham City for a while now.  Even the newer films with Christian Bale reveals other stories that add depth… and even more mystery to this popular comic book character.  What I have to figure out is how to make one of those bat-utility belts.  Such delightful toys and gadgets keeps me wondering what the Batman has prepared for his next dangerous situation!

Honorable mentions to the Catwoman, whom I only learned of through the DC comics mini0series on her origins as Selina Kyle.  Of all the Batman movies I’ve seen, I am not sure which actress has handled the role the best, but I will put in a vote for Anne Hathaway:

Anne Hathaway in a scene from The Dark Night series:  http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1468050176/ch0238305/

Until next time… same bat0time…


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