Experiment with Printer Ink on Fabric

Did WordPress insert the coffee video at the bottom of your post? Expanding on your comments on the ways that the dye can be applied would be neat… there’s immersion, which could overcome quality issues because soaking anything long enough would probably have a thorough effect. Painting, dabbing, batik style dyeing would also have a different effect because the amount of dye applied is carefully controlled. This pursuit is _not_ geeky at all! Next time, you might consider a control sample. Choose something you compare everything else too and just make variations around it. Let me know if you want a better explanation. Otherwise, that’s cool!

From one of my favorite stories as a teenager: “Hope Springs Eternal”: It’s time to get busy living or get busy dyeing [sic]…

The edit was my own pun. In that case, I think BOTH are possible to enjoy! Living and Dyeing!


Vibrant Ice

My husband found 50 bottles of expired printer refill ink on Craig’s List.  SCORE!  Not knowing much about printer inks or whether they could be used as dye, I did a little research.  I found that there is a commercial product to allow fabric to be prepared to bind to dye-based inks.  It is called Bubble Jet Set.  It is a bit pricey for me as a “casual” dyer.  I found a recipe to make your own Faux Bubble Jet.

I already had the soda ash.  I ordered alum on Amazon Prime, since I am sure I’ll use that, but I did not try the fabric softener.  I’ve read so many articles about dyes not working well with fabric softener, and the various resources couldn’t tell me why fabric softener is in the recipe, so I omitted it.  I saw one article about it helping with hard water…

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