Top Eleven Subways in the World

Here’s a link to another blog post with the “top eleven subway systems” in the world. (2007.02.27).

Editor’s Note:  The link has since gone dead.  Here’s some new content and a vote of my own for best subways.


In the eighth grade, I went on a trip with my parents to see the nation’s capital.  Instantly, the station’s design and condition made an impression on me.  Years later I would come back in a post-apocalypse world created in a game called “Fallout”.  The accuracy of their game design to this particular subway station was eerily creepy.  In any age virtual or real, I liked the architecture of each passing station.

The Vaulted Ceilings of a Washington D.C. Subway Station

On different occasions of my life, I find myself back here on home ground.  I lived in the suburbs but the jobs of those days were mostly in the big City.  Traffic is terrible (ok, impossible) to navigate so I take the alternative.  Through subterranean tunnels I hurtle and rock to the scrapes of noisy metal.  I am aware of some trains in other parts of the world, but I know well of one.  This is a part of my evolving story.



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