Work Work Work

Originally uploaded by Eddie Law.

Agh. Good thing it’s a Friday. This shot has a serious 9 to 5 look to it. I have a picture buried somewhere of my dad when he was 25. He’s in a nice suit and is carrying a briefcase in the middle of a busy street corner scene. It looks really cool… even better than this shot. It’s hard to believe that my dad was in my shoes not too long ago (just a few decades). A young professional with a job and a daily purpose. We spend most of our waking lives driving at our desk or working at whatever job we’ve got. Is there more to life than work? I think so.

Most of the time I come home exhausted from the day’s activities, so much so that I rarely enjoy a weeknight doing anything else but crashing on the couch. No hobbies, no avocations… just sleep. Though my family is just my wife and myself, the thought of kids scares me a little. Where will I find the energy to raise them? I guess my dad found the energy *somehow* to take care of my sister and myself along with my mom… so it’s possible.


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