Originally uploaded by redisred.

A shot of urban decay to add to the Urbanite blog. From the photographer’s notes:

Earlier in the last century, this was a plant that converted oil in to steam energy, or something like that. It exploded in a massive catastrophe, spewing toxic waste everywhere. So, they covered it all with sand and made it into a park with a particularly great view for fireworks on holidays!

Kinda weird.

With all the lights and modern features of urban landscapes, there is a need for power and energy to fuel these conveniences. Many of these powerhouses are miles away outside of the cities cranking away the wattage for lightbulbs, televisions, computers and other appliances. As time goes on, new technologies for cleaner, more efficient power supplies overtake the older power supplies… most of these power stations are abandoned to decay like this one.

In the case of more portable power devices such as diesel generators, many American companies actually sell and export machinery to other nations such as the Philippines… where the outdated machinery enjoys a second life in the service of another country. The sad part is that these generators were outdated for a reason – they spew too much pollution and are potentially unsafe as they have exceeded their engineered lifespan. Still, many third-world countries utilize devices such as old diesel generators because they do not have the funds to afford the newer, cleaner, more efficient machines enjoyed by countries such as the U.S.


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