Rainy Day in Shanghai

Another photo taken by Kumo36:

Still dreaming of electric sheep…?


Oddly, you’d think it’s similarly themed to the original text I had written…

rainy day in shanghai

Originally uploaded by kkumo36.

I really like this pic of a street corner in Shanghai. The lights and the way that the clouds envelop the building tops is very atmospheric. It looks a bit futuristic and gives me the feel of certain favorite movie and novel genres such as Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner and William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”. Both of these works play with the imagery of “urban decay”, where the world of the future inhabits the decrepit and decaying buildings and structures of the past. Some aspects such as vehicles, gadgets and accessories may have a futuristic look and feel but other aspects, such as street vendors, clothing styles and architecture floats and envelops this future world as an amalgam of generations before. The overall effect is a stylized world.

Kumo36, your dreams are always worth a shot. Keep visualizing your outlook on the world. Like the urbanite strives to share, these big cities may feel like an imprisonment, yet there are still liberally scattered moments that remind us that we are still indeed free.

[1]: The original photo: “rainy day in shanghai” used in the original post brought down. Probably just a long time and some reorganization took place. Shibaraku daiyo! Keeping photog with similarly flavored photo theme. I like his work! Urban flavored B&W.

that looks vaguely familiar yet in the distant, faraway future.


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