NYC Subway, July 1983

july 1983 1 IRT

Originally uploaded by Runs With Scissors.

Let’s take it old-school for a moment!

You can tell this photo is a bit dated from the fashion of the subway riders… what were you doing in the summer of 1983? What were you wearing? How was your life?

In 1983, I wasn’t even in junior high yet. I had just finished my first year at a new school. My parents had transferred me to a private Catholic school in our town.

In the summertime, there wasn’t much to do. Aside from playing with the neighbor kids, I would stay at home tinkering with my computer, an Apple IIe. Back then, software was very expensive and instead I would resort to reading magazines with source code listings. Patiently, I would type the source code in BASIC to make the games my sister and I would eventually entertain ourselves with. I remember I really learned BASIC because most of the source code listings were buggy or just plain wrong and I would have to troubleshoot my programs to fix them up.

Back then, computers were for total geeks and extreme hobbyists. Little did I know, more than two decades later, the technology of personal computers would take over the world…

My fashion? Well, my best outfit was a pair of grey corduroy pants and a pink ralph lauren polo. Yep. Pastel was the “in” color back then. I doubt if pastels will come back into fashion, but then again, I had no idea that personal computers would become so common and so widespread… who knows?


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