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Christmas Day-Foggy RenCen-Detroit

Originally uploaded by tedguy49.

This photo has a certain surreal, sci-fi look to it. It’s a shot of the RenCen in Detroit. The photographer had a thematic comment appended to his photo:

In the ancient cultural places of the world there was a temple, a church or a cathedral in its center. From there came the order of life. In every modern big city there is a bank building in its center. In my »Pied Piper« I have tried to depict this as a kind of demon cult, where money is something to be prayed to like something sacred. It’s even being expressed there in words that it is »God«. It performs miracles, because the multiplication of money itself is yet a miracle. After all, the dealings there are with a miraculous multiplication of money. It has the character of everlastingness. But if there is anything that is just a purely man-made thing, then it’s money.
Ende no yuigon – Michael Ende’s Last Words to the Japanese

It makes you think about what the world considers important in the construction of modern day metros and cities. The center, the most valuable land seems to always be populated by financial and bank buildings – money generators. The spiritual component seems to be more of a side-thought.

I like this photo because it depicts a certain sinister quality to this building – coupled with the quotation, it makes one think for moment.


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